Danielle Marie cruises another contest with a potential secret slip up.

Since Danielle Marie released her new single “I wanna go there” it’s success has taken the singer by surprise leaving her extra thankful to fans. Danielle has since been the subject of 3 contests starting with Ottawa’s New Country 94’s Pick It Or Kick It when her song lost on the 5th and final night and KICX’s New music challenge retiring night 5 as champion. But the fun came on night 5 of Country 103’s High Noon Showdown when Danielle faced her long-term boyfriends dad Aaron Pritchett with his new hit song “When A Momma’s Boy Meets A Daddy’s Girl” of which Danielle and partner Jordan Pritchett both stars in the music video. This round turned in a friendly family feud with most the family voting for Danielle, yes even Jordan when he commented

“I love you dad Aaron Pritchett and I LOVE both songs, but my vote goes to my love, Danielle Marie 😳”

Danielle commented when her vote was won

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! ❤ I seriously love you guys!! And love you AP!!! This one was tough! lol. LOVE the new tune!!! Gotta love Family Feud!!!

The more interesting part came when someone jokingly said to Jordan “are you still in the will???  And don’t piss off the one whos’ paying for the cake!! tee hee xo”. When said it was “fun” beating his father. With the comment sounding in the present tense, speculation came suggesting an engagement between the two, the person who left the message denied it saying it was meant down the line but Jordan and Danielle did not confirm or deny the speculation either way. So is there a country wedding on the cards? We will have to wait an see but with how close and loved up the couple are if there isn’t already I will be surprised if it wasn’t far off.

In reply to Danielle beating her potential father In law Aaron Pritchett wrote

There aren’t many people I don’t mind losing out to, that’s for sure! And you’re one of them, Danielle!! Love you too, kid, and congrats!!!”

What ever this couple’s future it seems they are in it for the long haul.


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