Jade Helliwell a British Country singer from Batley, Yorkshire has gone viral after singing with a busker on a girls night out in Leeds. Busker Dawid Osial has said he was “blown away” when The singer performed Leonard Cohen classic Hallelujah. Dawid has said he had no idea who Jade was but immediately realised there was more to her the second she sung the first note. Dawid went on to say “I thought she was joking but then realised she wasn’t, I did not expect such a powerful voice”. A friend of the singer recorded the performance and put it on social media but what came next has taken both by surprise. Jade’s Facebook page has gone up, reached number 1 on the latest country albums charts for iTunes and Amazon and top 10 on full album chart on iTunes leaving the her in shock and tears. 

You can watch the video here

Country At Heart has the interview:

When you offered to sing with busker Dawid Osial did you ever think things would blow up like this? 

Absolutely not! I can’t believe it its blown my mind!

#1 on the iTunes/Amazon Country charts. Top 10 on the iTunes album charts. 50k likes on Facebook and 9.3 million views on the video and counting. How have you dealt with the pressure of what’s arguably your most successful moment of your career? 

I’ve spontaneously cried a lot haha! I’ve dealt pretty well but I’m looking forward to finding some time to go through all the messages I’ve received and reply to people!


Moments like this can take off like crazy as you’ve seen, Have you had any contact with labels following your performance?

Yes it’s crazy! I’ve had lots of emails and messages sent through but I’ve not had chance to read them yet, fingers crossed somewhere in there there are some

Do you have any plans to build on your current success?

Yes for sure! I’m putting a couple things together that are really exciting-I’ll be announcing them over the next week or so. I’m also itching to get back in the studio!

Opening for Southern Halo and now this. It’s been quite a year for you, I’m guessing this wasn’t a new years resolution?

In a way it was-I decided I had to push myself more this year and take more chances. I live by setting goals to work towards. It’s been an incredible ride, I’m so excited for what’s to come.


When Country at heart spoke to Dawid he finished by saying he has been inspired by recent events and now intends to work towards recording his own EP.


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