River Town saints released there debut single back in 2015 titled “A Little Bit Goes a Long Way” and Country at Heart got to talk to Chris McComb of River Town Saints to find out why it has taken so long to release the album 2 years after the debut release. In this interview you will get the chance to know a little more about the band, the album and touring plans. In addition to the new album Chris McComb has today announced that the band will also release a brand new Single “Woke Up Like This” out on June 7th. The self titled album “River Town Saints” is available from June 9th, this is what Chris had to say:

Interview with Chris McComb of River Town Saints.

How did River Town Saints come together?

It all started when Chris Labelle came to see my band play at a fair just east of Ottawa, he came over and said Hi after the show, and we talked about writing some songs together, so we swapped phone numbers. Several months went by, we never spoke until one day in April of 2014, I get a phone call, it’s Labelle, asking if he can join my band… Haha!, I suggested we start a new band, and here we are 3 years later.

For the fans still learning who you are, how would each of you introduce yourselfs as individuals?

Labelle is a dog lover, that would quite possibly be the first thing he would tell you if you met him. Dan could possibly be a hip hop artist. I think Jeremy would like to be in a glam rock band in the 80’s. Jordan, he’s the youngest of the group, so he’s usually the most excited about everything, even little things like free re-fills at a fast food joint. I just love to travel, I like being busy, and I love the Eagles! (trying to relate this to music a little)
Chris, You Released your first single in 2015. How come it’s taken so long to release the debut album?
It takes time to come up with the right songs…. we’ve literally been working on this album since 2015. At the time music was just a dream, and now the dream is coming true.
What Can we expect on the new album?

You can expect songs that give you good time Friday night feeling mixed with a bit of a sensitive vibe, we typically don’t take ourselves too seriously, but in a few songs, we keep it real. Haha.

Are there any tracks on the new album that are personal to you?

Well, there’s a song on there called “I Hope You’re Driving” and although I’m happily married, there was one time where I went through a pretty rough breakup, (she dumped me) and It just about killed me, I was pretty angry for about a week after it happened, and I kept thinking “I hope she realizes what she had, and what she lost, I’m not taking her back!” I was hoping she would beg for me back…. But she never did.. Haha, Anyway, I moved on…. A little bit of pain in ones life can usually create a great song.

You have started your careers at a high standard which certain stations like Ottawa’s New Country 94 expect before they play an artist’s music, how thankful are you for how the country community as a whole has accepted you?

Honestly, It’s been pretty surreal. Showing up at a radio station early in the morning, and playing a new song that no ones’ ever heard before on air, and getting positive feedback from everyone is truly amazing. It makes us all love what we do even more.

Do you have any plans to tour that would include the UK?

Right now summer festival season is just starting up, so we’ll be busy with that from now until late September. We are doing some dates out in Western Canada, which is a market we haven’t played very much, but obviously we’re stoked to go back. No set plans to tour the UK, but that’s something I’ve always wanted to do with a band. So fingers crossed we get the opportunity to do so in the near future.

What advice would you give to artists fighting for a career of there own?

For sure! **NETWORKING** This is key. Just like in any business. Get yourself out there meet other musicians and industry people, it doesn’t matter if they see you perform or not, making connections and building relationships with people actively working in the music industry will go a long way.

Anything else you want to add?


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River Town Saints Release

Debut Self-Titled Album June 9

CCMA-nominated fun-loving country group, River Town Saints, are releasing their highly-anticipated debut self-titled album on June 9. With tracks produced by Chad Carlson, David “Dwave” Thomson, Gavin Slate, Jeremy Bortot, this eight-track album features upbeat, vibrant tracks, reflective of good times, love and life.

Click here to stream River Town Saints in advance.

Their upcoming single, “Woke Up Like This”, out June 7 to radio, is co-written by lead singer Chris Labelle, along with Gavin Slate and Travis “T Buck” Wood, and is an incredibly catchy, uplifting song that will have fans pressing ‘repeat’ constantly and reflecting on their own memories. It is inspired by finding love at first sight at a party – and just how quickly things can progress when it’s the perfect fit. “This song is about spending the night with a girl you just met at a bar – but this is no one-night stand. In this scenario, it’s about wanting to get to know her, dancing with her, laughing with her, talking to her. When you wake up in the morning it’s obvious she’s special and you can see a future with her,” said Chris Labelle.

In addition to earlier hits like “A Little Bit Goes A Long Way”, “Cherry Bomb” and most recently “Bonfire” which went Top 10 at Country Radio, the record includes new songs such as “I Hope You’re Driving”, about driving in anticipation to meet up with a love interest, and “Hungover It”, a song that laments hitting the bottle a little too hard and attempting to turn over a new leaf upon waking up with ‘nothing to show for it’.

River Town Saints hail from Ottawa, comprised of five friends from Ottawa, Chris Labelle, Chris McComb, Jeremy Bortot, Jordan Potvin and Daniel DiGiacomo. Their first single, “A Little Bit Goes a Long Way” landed them on many “Artists to Watch Lists” for 2016, and they have since reached more than 1 million streams of their singles on Spotify. And was that prediction ever right – since then, the band has been nominated for the CCMA Award for Rising Star of the Year and they are currently up for five CMAO Awards.

The group recently thrived while out on tour opening for country legend Kip Moore and Tim Hicks. The summer will be busy as they prepare for performances at Red River Ex (MB), Trackside Music Festival (ON), Lucknow Music in the Fields (ON) and more.

Connect with River Town Saints online:

Website: rivertownsaints.com

Facebook: facebook.com/rivertownsaints

Twitter: @rivertownsaints

Instagram: @rivertownsaints

About RGK Entertainment Group:

RGK Entertainment Group, founded by Ron Kitchener, has become a highly regarded and innovative force in today’s competitive entertainment industry. The umbrella of RGK Entertainment Group includes: Open Road Recordings, Canada’s #1 country record label; publishing companies Roots Three Music and Rogue Eleven; DART Events, a touring events planning company; TopCountry.ca, Canada’s premier music news source; RGK One Shot Productions, a television development company. RGK remains strongly focused on artist management, having won Management Company of the Year from 2009 to 2014 and Manager of the Year nine times at the Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMA). Kitchener’s management style and business acumen has built his roster to include JUNO winners Doc Walker, Dean Brody, The Road Hammers, Corb Lund, Tim Hicks, Blackjack Billy and Madeline Merlo in addition to newcomers Jessica Mitchell, River Town Saints, Hunter Brothers and Sons of Daughters.

Country At Heart would like to thank Chris McComb of River Town Saints and Erin Richards for making this happen and we wish you all the success with your new album and single release.


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