2 Years in country music and Cold Creek County has now released there second album and Country at Heart got to speak with the lads to find out more about the new music and how far they have come since there debut release. Cold Creek County also let us in for a sneak peak at touring plans that may include more than the United States. This was an interview that Country at Heart just couldn’t pass up. This is what the band had to say:

How did Cold Creek County come about? How did you all meet?

We all knew each other through friends of friends primarily. When the band first formed Doug and Trevor knew one another through the Toronto music scene as both were in bands playing around the city. Doug was introduced to Josh through a friend, who in turn brought Justin in. Jordan was brought to our attention through Trevor’s brother. And Ches is the newest member, who was discovered on YouTube from across the country! So despite there being some distance to where we’re all from, it didn’t take long for the current lineup to come together!

Being a 6 peice band, how well do you get on with each other being together for such long periods? Touring for example.

We have a lot of similar interests so sometimes when we’re on the road we’re actually just hanging out having fun, and then there’s that point when you get sick of one another ha ha! We all have things we like to do on our own as well, so sometimes it’s venturing off into a city we are stopped in, and finding a local coffee shop, or sightseeing etc.

What can we expect from Cold Creek County on your new album?

The new album is more involved and more mature than the last album, we have definitely put way more emphasis on four-part harmony’s as well as striving to have some more organic sounds and stripping the songs back a little bit. That said the songs are very catchy and very easy to sing along with!

Out of all the songs on your new album, which song would you say is the most personal?

The song homemade would be the most personal for the majority of the guys in the band as it’s all about recognizing and being proud of your roots and what makes you who you are. A lot of us come from small towns but even if from a bigger city, everyone can identify with the memories about where they grew up, and the impact that has on you.

What valuable lessons and experience did you learn from your debut album that you have taken with you into the new album?

Definitely commitment and perseverance. We take a lot of pride in being involved in the recording process, and we strive to get things sounding as good as possible so we will work to no end to make sure that happens.

What is the story behind your new single “Homemade”?

Homemade is really a tribute to all those little things that remind you of where you came from, and what it means to be influenced by that. Everyone may have their own version of what it means to be homemade, but we can all relate to the pride we take in knowing where “home” is. It’s like that feeling that comes over you when you return to your home town, there’s something about that feeling that’s just “right”.

Do you have any release dates for the album?

The EP came out June 2nd and we are planning a follow up EP later in the year.

Who/What inspires you as artists?

I think it’s fair to say that we draw inspiration from all kinds of places and not just music. A lot of us really enjoy other forms of art, science, sports, concerts etc. and in all these areas you see people pushing the boundaries, creating something new and being true to themselves. We are influenced by many things like that!

You got nominated for the CMAontario single of the year, how have you dealt with the success and pressure of your first couple years in country music?

We take the moments of success in stride, we are certainly proud of our accomplishments; however, we are nowhere near where we want to get to in our career. We are very driven and use the successes as encouragement, but we are really motivated to push ourselves as far as we can go.

Its well known that country artists get more personal time than other genres, how do you spend your personal time outside music?

Well with six members our interests in our spare time can be really diverse. Some of us enjoy traveling, playing ice hockey, producing and working with other artists, and fitting in some R&R here and there.

Do you have any plans to tour at the moment which would include the UK? We would love to have you here.

Absolutely! We have a pretty busy summer ahead of us with lots of festival dates across Canada. If people want to see our dates they can find them on our website or the BandsInTown app. We are eager more than ever to travel abroad into the UK and the United States, and anywhere else we would be welcomed ha ha!

Is there anything else you would Like to add?

We just want to thank our fans for the support and for believing in us! It means the world to us!


Country at Heart Would like to thank Trevor Macleod and Sean Cordner for making this interview happen. And of course the rest of the lads at Cold Creek County. THANK YOU


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