In just a few years CM Chat Live 24 year old managing editor and writer Cassie Lynn Wells has proven that working hard towards a goal can get you where you want to be and she isn’t finished yet.

Senior year of college, Cassie Lynn Wells was on the fast track to joining the FBI. After she had joined the military in 2014, she was ready to make the move to D.C., but that all changed when Cassie volunteered at the ACM Awards: 50th anniversary in Dallas, Texas. After she had met her idol, Reba McEntire, Cassie knew she had to completely uproot what she knew, start a blank slate and pursue a career in the country music industry. After countless hours of researching, she came across Jessica Northey, who is the founder of Jessica took Cassie under her wing and she quickly became Jessica’s right-hand woman. In just two years, she worked her way up to editor and has now started a podcast titled “Cassie’s Kick-ass Country.” She’s hardworking, persistent, and “no” or “can’t” is not in her vocabulary. Cassie currently works full -time for an insurance company, she’s in the army reserve doing military police work, the managing editor for CMchatLive, and now hosts her own podcast.


Cassie is still in the military and has been on a deployment list twice but it was during the end of Obama’s presidency and he cancelled both.


Now Cassie is looking to spread her wings further by starting her own country podcast titled “Cassie’s Kick-ass Country”. Cassie will bring you exclusive interviews, the big stories of the week and reviews the latest new releases. It’s  a podcast by an experienced and determined young woman who works for one of the biggest outlets in country music and a podcast well worth tuning into. Has Cassie taken country media to a new level? Only time will tell.

We would love to thank you for your service and wish you an the luck with your new venture.

To listen to the podcast click the following link

Cassie’s Kick-ass Country Podcast



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