Born and raised in Tennessee Indie artist Jessie Lee Cates is fast becoming quite a force in country after winning IMEA Country Female Artist of the Year award in 2016, an international number 1 on the Ramgatie top 40 with “Behind Your Back” achieving back to back top 5 hits in Europe, the others being “Scotland” and “Let Your Country Out.” Jessie took second place at Kelly Pickler’s Kellioke Contest, She performed at some of the best festivals around and also opened for Jason Aldean. Jessie Got noticed by Knoxville radio while performing in a pub, at the time her pending record deal fell through when the label went bust and was working 12 hour factory shifts while working on her song writing and perfecting her style. Jessie moved to Nashville and later released her debut album “Let Your Country Out” on her own label which aired as the opening song of the Country Legends in the Making radio program and was broadcast to over two million listeners worldwide.
Dixie McCorkell of TSP Country Radio said

“Jessie has more than her foot in the door of this industry; she’s taking it over by STORM!! Keep this artist at the top of your ‘must watch’ list because I expect nothing but big things for her in the future.”

Jessie’s current single “The Boot” from her debut album has recently hit 250,000 spins on global country radio and was also interviewed on WSM, the most famous Country station in the world (Grand Ole Opry).

Jessie Lee Cates is currently working on her next album and when Country at Heart spoke to her we got an insight of what we can expect from her new music:

“Well, I describe my brand of music as “blue-collar country,” because it deals with real life and real people. (I used to work the 12-hour graveyard shift at an auto parts factory, so I know those hard-working folks and what they go through.) I’m totally NOT into the “Hop into my pickup truck” bro country thing or the “Boy, you’re SOOOO cool!!! “girl-country-pop thing. The songs on my album in the works are about people struggling to work their factory jobs, moms dealing with stubborn daughters, husbands realizing they’ve got to rekindle the flame with their wives, women trying not to mess up first dates,… stuff that down-to-earth people can really relate to. They’re not all serious ballads – some songs are light-hearted and some really rock! – but they all have a meaningful message! I’m hoping to release it sometime in early 2018, God-willing. (We’re in negotiations right now with some industry folks, so I can’t give you an exact date – but that’s not slowing down my writing any! LoL!)

If you like the “real country” sound then Jessie can provide, this is another artist you’ll want to keep a close on.



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