Dylan Schneider


Dylan Schneider is more mature than most his age and it shows in his music. His knowledge and passion for music was a big part of his upbringing however his natural given talent seems to be imprinted into his DNA since birth which came to light after receiving a guitar as an early Christmas present. When his high school band fell through Dylan was determined to chase a solo career.

Dylan signed with Sean Pace and Joey Russ as co-managers in 2016 and with a combined 600k Dylan’s Videos have been views well over 30 million times as they continue to build his fan base. Dylan went on to release 2 EPs in 2016 called “Wannabe” and “17”. In less than a year he had released his 3rd EP in April 2017 which hit #1 on the iTunes country chart.

Dylan’s current Single “How Does It Sound” was released a few weeks ago and within a week had already hit 10 million streams which is pretty incredible.


Codie Prevost


Codie Prevost is a 4 time CCMA nominee and a 6 time  Saskatchewan Country Music Association’s Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year winner. Codie knew from an early age that hard work and determination would give him success if he wanted it enough. Cody has toured in France, USA and Australia with some of the biggest names in country music which include Garth Brooks, Florida Georgia Line, Joe Nichols, Jason Aldean, Big & Rich, and Neal McCoy. Codie’s previous album released in 2014 won the Country Recording Of The Year at the Western Canadian Music Awards and also received a nomination at the CCMA awards for album of the year.

Country at Heart spoke to Codie about his current single and told us about the latest track.

“You Won’t Sleep Tonight is a song about being away from home and missing your loved one. There is a certain amount of anticipation that builds after you’ve been away for weeks at a time. It don’t matter if you’re a musician, person in business, carpenter, or construction worker we all experience this from time to time through our lives”.

Codie is also about to release his 5th studio album which he has been working on for the last year and he told us just how excited is by his upcoming release.

“I’ve been working on this project for a year straight and it makes me very excited to be able to finally get it out to my fans who have been patiently waiting for new music. I’m proud to say I played a big part in this project from writing the songs to creating arrangements. I was fortunate to work with producers Jeff Johnson and Jesse Weiman on the album. The album contains a lot of new elements that my fans maybe will be surprised by from some rawness to some high energy tracks. I can’t wait to share this project.”

5 Studio albums in and Codie Prevost is surprisingly unsigned.


Adam Gregory


Alberta born Adam Gregory’s live performances and studio recording has been Described as “distinctive and explosive” and a “musical force,” not many in the industry does not know who this guy is. Adam was an instant star and found himself touring with the likes of Alan Jackson, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Keith Urban. Adam has 5 studio albums his last being in 2012 and is currently working on his next album due for release in early 2018. Country at Heart got to speak with Adam on his current projects and this is what he had to say.

1) Your Current single “Dirt Road Therapy” is available now, Tell me about the song, what’s the Story behind the new track?
This was one of those blessings that landed in my lap.  I was at a bit of standstill as far as releasing a first single, and a big part of the reason was due to the fact that I didn’t feel I had “the” song yet to kick things off.  I remember hearing DRT for the first time, and the beat captivated me enough to want to hear more of the song.  Once I heard the lyrics to follow I was sold.  I new this was the song to relaunch with, and I stayed firm on that decision.

DRT has a pretty self explanatory meaning really.  Sometimes the weights of the world become to heavy that you just need to get away from it all, and provide yourself the gift of a little natural therapy off some country backroad.  A place where your soul can feel free, and your worries could be thrown to the wind.

2) You’re currently working on your new album which is your first since 2012. Do you feel you have learned a lot since your last release that’s helped you with your current music?  
Something I’ve learned in my years of being in the industry, is that you’re never done learning.  The minute a person thinks that they have reached a plato where they don’t feel as though they can progress, then they are ridding themselves of so many blessings.  I’m constantly learning and wanting to better myself, my singing, and my art.  For instance, from when I first came on the scene with “Horseshoes” right up to how the music scene functions now, in my take of it, is really night and day.  The machine functions on more of a social media base then ever before, and the old school ways are becoming more and more a thing of the past.  So in saying that, it’s been nothing short of a learning curve for me and my team with this relaunch, to find ways, strategic ways, to stay relevant and get the music and face out to the public.  A challenge is never a bad thing though 😉

3) What can you tell me about the new album? What can fans expect to hear?
Every album I do, you can expect for starters, that my heart and soul will be placed in every word.  I like to think that what I bring to the table is Authentic to who I am as a person, what drives me, and what I stand for.  My team and I were very conscious about song choices, making sure that they stayed true to who I am and the brand.  So when people hear this album, I feel that they are gonna hear authenticity, with a recognizable voice that will take them back, but a fresh new sound for the present that will stand the test of time.


Steven Metz


Country newcomer Steven Metz music and live performances has been described as “high-energy” and “wildly entertaining” and has opened for the likes of Darius Rucker, Billy Currington, Luke Combs and Maren Morris. Steven’s Current Single is “Church on Sunday”.

Steven is currently working on his msecond single that wont be ready for a while which means it will be sometime before we get a debut album. Will be interesting to see where his career goes over the next few years.


Landon Wall


Landon wall received his first guitar as a Christmas present when he was just 6 years old and has had a deep passion for singing since a very young age. Landon has performed in the heart of country music, Nashville TN at some of the most famous venues in the world such as the Bluebird Café, Tootsies, Commodore Grille, The Nashville Palace, John A’s, Rippy’s and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville and more recently the Carolina Country Music Fest with Hunter Hayes. Landon is also an actor and has been in various theatre productions, commercials, television series and 5 films his most recent being “Lao Warrior”.

But Landon’s Career took a massive boost when in June 2016 when he wrote a response to Kelsea Ballerini’s “Peter Pan” which was a hit at the time. Landon performed his song “Lost Boy” at the Bluebird Café and was left in shock when Kelsea made an appearance.

Country at Heart got to catch up with Landon Wall to chat about the encounter with Kelsea and to find out what he’s up to now.

Your career clearly got a boost with your single “Lost Boy”, how do you feel your career and life has changed since that song?

Lost Boy was definitely a game changer for me… Suddenly,  I had all of these calls from radio stations calling for interviews and wanting me to play my song live on the air. It seemed like everywhere I went people were walking up to me and saying, “Hey, you’re that kid …Lost Boy”.  I was in Nashville and stopped to eat at Margaritaville and Sirius XM  happened to be there doing a Happy Hour show for the Highway and one of the producers walked up to me and said, “Hey! You’re Landon, right? We would like to have you live on the air with Buzz Brainard for an interview”.  Now it seems like every time I play the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, people come up and ask me about it even though it’s been a year now.  Billboard Magazine recently did an article on the Bluebird Cafe and they included me in the article! “Lost Boy” continues to be one of my most requested song at shows.

Looking back to last year when Kelsea Ballerini surprised you at the Bluebird cafe, how would you describe that experience? What went through your mind at the time?

It was the most AMAZING feeling you could ever imagine. I had just strummed the last chord of “Lost Boy” when I looked up and saw Ms Kelsea walking toward me from the back of the Bluebird! She had been hiding in the around the corner listening!! She walked up on the stage and said, “Ok Landon… if you’re gonna sing the response than I get to sing my song!” She borrowed my guitar and sang “Peter Pan”. At my house… I still have those guitar strings in an envelope labeled, “Kelsea Played These Strings”. She was AWESOME!! “Speechless” is not a word used to describe me very often, but if you’ll look at that YouTube video, you’ll see that the only words I could manage to make come out of my mouth was an occasional,  “Yes Ma’am”.

Have you spoken to Kelsea Ballerini much since she surprised you, has she given you any career advice?

No… Ms Kelsea stays very busy on the road. I have had friends tell me that she asked them to tell me hello when they saw her at shows. As far as career advice goes… what she did that night at the Bluebird was some of the best career advice I could ever have. From watching her that night, I could see the importance of taking time out to give back and the difference it could make in someone’s life.

Do you have any current projects at the moment? Any new singles or album to look out for?

Current projects at the moment… Yes! I am currently working on a couple of projects that I’m really excited about…  including an EP based around my song, “Somebody’s Out There Listening”  that I hope to be releasing soon.

Landon for a 13 year old comes across well mannered, professional and mature for his age and if This is the standard Landon is writing at the age of just 12 years old this kid is going places if he continues to develop and mature as a person and an artist.


Spencer Crandall


Spencer Crandall is a country artist who’s unique personality gives his fans the chance to experience his highs and lows through his love for country music and he is certainly looking to make a splash on the scene with his career. Spencer has away of making you feel your along for the ride with his lyrics. Most singers takes years to develop their sound and original music but Spencer has done this in just 2 years while establishing his place within country music. Spencer has released a 5 song EP and several singles and has gained great feedback from VIPs in Nashville, his Instagram went alone went from 700 to 50,000 in a year which just shows how quickly Spencer has risen. On his website he has been quoted as saying.

“Music is my passion… my way of dealing with life. Whether it makes you want to cry or make you wanna chug a beer, music is one of the most powerful tools we have in our lives. I am just looking forward to getting better everyday and making sure I can give my fans the music that they deserve.”

By the age of 21 he has come along way and the road only goes up from here.



Jon Langston


Loganville, Georgia is the home of Jon Langston and like many other country artists he learn to play guitar from a young age while in grade eight. Music wasn’t really on his radar until he hit College where he played football. Jon is influenced by the likes of Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw two guns and Roses and has helped make him the artist today. John started writing his own music and at century studios in Atlanta in 2012 when he he went on to release his first three songs in early 2013. Jon’s music hit country radio straight away and then released four more new songs on his EP “runnin on Sunshine”, he also released his second EP later that year “She’s so Georgia”. Jon later opened for Chase Rice and Cory Smith and was also nominated for Awards at the Georgia Country Music Awards.

Jon has recently released 2 new singles proving he has what it takes to be writing with some of the best in country.





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