Dan and Shay Smashes first ever Bristol Concert.

On Tuesday 29th November Dan and Shay performed in Bristol, UK for the first time at Bristol Trinity to a crowd of approximately 350. Although fans were expecting a bigger turnout no one could have imagined before hand it would have gone as well as it did. Support act Catherine McGrath from Ireland now based in Ireland performed a 30 minutes set after a power cut to the stage. For those who haven’t seen her were in for a treat her amazing performances, sharing the stories behind her music and praise for Dan and Shay really got the crowd in the mood for the spectacular show they were about to get. Catherine McGrath re-entered the crowd for Dan and Shays set making herself available to fans.
Dan and Shay showed their high energy set which they have become well known for and never failed to amaze from the start, engaging the crowd with fist pumps and making sure they gave all their fans total attention including the ladies from the start. Dan and Shay played several of there well known hits including From The Ground Up, When I Pray For You and the massive hit “How Not To”. The performance of “When I Pray For You” was just one of the emotional and sentimental moments that were on show and the duo told of how song was written when Shay Mooney had his baby with long time partner Hannah Billingsley who he also married earlier this year. But that didn’t end there as Dan Smyers told of how the duo started out in a tent, Jokingly saying it was because Dan couldn’t afford his energy bills. Dan continued by paying tribute to Shay calling him “The best singer in country music” exiting the stage letting Shay have the spotlight with the bromance clearly on show. Dan and Shay then entered their audience performing obsessed surrounded by the fans sharing a drink with fan Mark Uphill, Taking selfies with fans before returning to the stage.

Photo by Mark Uphill
Photo by Mark Uphill

As the night went on the duo had total praise for the amazing crowd they were blessed with acknowledging the respect they were given coming to a point where they didn’t even need the Microphone to talk to the crowd where they were listened to so well in between songs. Dan and Shay’s ability to just react and change lyrics here and there including the city they are in making it sound so natural for their audience surely makes them one of the best at what they do. The night will be remembered for the incredible high energy performances, engaging the crowd, the jokes and the sentimentality from start to finish on a night that will remain with the fans who witness this tour for many years to come. Dan and Shay later said on twitter “First time in Bristol. Family”

I want to send a massive thank you to Dan and Shay for coming not only back to the UK but to Bristol for the first time. Many memories were made on the night that will be treasured, It was an honour to have witnessed it. We also want to Thank the security for giving the band the chance to have there freedom and not restrict the moments shared on the night.

***Having problems uploading videos, will try again later***


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