Bristol, UK is home to the famous Bristol Bierkeller which has had many of the music industry’s to artists such as Artic Monkeys and Nirvana to name but 2 has performed some of their first gigs over the years but Friday the city, venue workers and industry personnel has reacted with anger and shock as the venue was forced to close permanently. The reason behind the closure seems to be somewhat of a mystery with two different reports coming out one being that the owner of the building intends you develop the building the other explanation which has today come to light is that the people running the Bierkeller has failed to pay the rent for the last year and a half leaving one promoter hundreds of pounds worth out-of-pocket.

The building had been closed for a period before this announcement yesterday as work had been ongoing on the exterior of the venue, the question has to be asked that if the people at the Bierkeller had indeed failed to pay their rent why they had gone ahead with building work on the venue?

Film-maker and guitarist Jude Rawlins has launched an attack on the city’s mayor Marvin Rees saying

In December you promised to increase protection for live music venues in Bristol, and today we learn the Bierkeller is to close for no better reason than the owner has other plans. YOU have FAILED Bristol today.

The Bierkeller has also provided live music from country artists the last believed to be Maddie and Tae’s first ever UK tour back in October of 2016 And with other venues such as Thekla and The Trinity centre being the other two main venues in Bristol for country artists also coming under threat the last few months it’s very worrying for the city whose general live music venues could be fast disappearing.

The Bierkeller was more than just another music venue it’s iconic history included support for Bristol Pride, a key venue for indie Grass Roots and a key integral part of the city’s culture.

Their is currently what is thought to be an eviction notice on the main entrance door.


Another venue under threat is the Trinity Centre where country duo Dan and Shay performed towards the end of last year. The Venue which used to be a church built in 1833 has been in music venues thought to be for decades and is self funded by the events it holds. The Venue has been covered in scaffolding and white sheeting since last year and works being done on it has left the venue with spiralling costs leaving it currently £197k behind having already spent £576k which was raised by more than a dozen sources including Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic England. The Venue has now launched a public appeal to raise the funds for the Venue which has become more of an eyesore in a bid to save it.


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