After hearing of the closure of this historical venue on Friday Country at Heart took the decision to make a few enquiries and see what can be done about rescuing the venue.

A contact at the BBC has told us that there is currently work going on behind the scenes to try and save the historic but we have not been told who is behind the effort.

The other development came Monday morning after I contacted my local MP Jack Lopresti the weekend and his team got in touch with us and confirmed that after contacting the relevant people, the Bierkeller had indeed failed to pay the rent over the last year and a half leaving several people out of pocket. We have also been made aware that several bands had pulled out of playing the venue because of the situation going on behind the scenes.

We have also had confirmed to us this morning that there was indeed a regeneration project going on on the building itself which was carried out by the owners of the building and not the Bierkeller and keeping the Bierkeller in this building was a part of the owners plans and had never intended to close the Bierkeller down.

Because the issue with the closure is financially based they are unable to do much but would have been different had it been an eviction by the owners because of a regeneration for other uses as originally thought.

MP Jack Lopresti’s team have said they are keeping a close eye on the situation.


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