Canadian country singer who Jesse LaBelle was involved in a car accident which has said to be near death on February 14th in the early hours. Jesse was on his way to play a valentines day concert for the students at the University of Penn State when his car hits a patch of Black Ice then tail spinning across four Lanes, his car hit a few trees and immediately caught fire. Jesse managed to break free after being trapped in his car only grabbing his guitar and the back seat but everything else he owned that was in the car which he also used to tour with was destroyed in the fire including the car itself. He then managed to phone for help with his mobile luckily in his pocket. Jesse is now back in Nashville where he is recovering from a terrifying ordeal. Losing all his music equipment in the accident to means that his career has had a major setback and has currently set up a gofundme page in order to raise the ten thousand at least to at least be able to continue performing and get around to his gigs.

You can find Jesse’s full story on his gofundme page we have posted the link below. We wish Jesse the very best of luck in his recovery

Jesse Labelle gofundme


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