Childrens TV Stars Juna N Joey Re-release “Mary, Did You Know?”

The song’s simplistic production highlights the duo’s signature harmonies. Juna N Joey offers a fresh take on this classic ballad, which celebrates the birth of Jesus. While their version offers traditional instruments and production, they showcased their country sound by including an acoustic guitar solo.

More Information:

About Juna N Joey: After appearing on Nickelodeon’s Most Musical Family, harmonious siblings, Juna N Joey, have released a new song, “Drive Me Crazy,” co-written with Austin French.

Building on their YouTube success, the West Palm Beach, Fla. natives had an exciting 2019. DreamWorks TV asked Juna N Joey to participate in the NETFLIX original, Spirit Riding Free, by offering their rendition of Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” for the show.

Additionally, the duo took their songwriting skills to Nashville, Tenn., where they co-wrote their first single, “Stay Young,” which was produced by award-winning producer Jeff Pardo. The single caught the attention of Release Radar on Spotify and Country Radio, earning them an offer to open for American Idol alum’s Cade Foehner on his Southern Hallelujah Tour before they could even begin promoting the song.

Juna N Joey also joined the Gratitude Tour, spending the summer performing for Michael Rouse’s ESF camps. Listen to “Stay Young” HERE.

As brother and sister turned singer/songwriters, Juna N Joey’s popularity first exploded when they began posting musical covers and originals on YouTube. With their smooth harmonies and combined skills ranging from playing the guitar, piano, keyboard and saxophone, their talent stands up among some of the industry’s most seasoned artists and musicians.

One of their most recent projects, “Anchor,” is a song focused on anti-bullying inspired by a school friend that battled with self-harm and suicidal thoughts as a result of bullying. Juna N Joey partnered with anti-bullying organizations, including Teach Anti Bullying, and with video networks, such as The Heartland TV Network and The Country Network, to feature their song and continue spreading awareness. Listen to “Anchor” HERE. Juna N Joey is currently working on an EP, which is set to be released in Spring 2020. To keep up with the duo, check out their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.  

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